Life is an adventure!

The natural beauty of the world
The ongoing drama of everyday life
Colored in whimsy by my fingers and brushes
The all powerful mundane!
The electricity and tides of relationships
The clashing of personalities
The ongoing struggle for freedom and security
And the battles fought within.
Working against the pressures of social and self imposed expectations
To get back to a place of joyfulness
Hoping that nature is allowed to remain untouched and beautiful
Even if that means letting the flaws shine.



        I have lived all over the west coast, settling in Spokane 2004. I focus my time with my children and in my studio and spend as much in the sunshine and water as possible. I love to travel the world and learn about local culture and see nature in all of its glory.

       I’m most well known for my work in acrylic paint, but I also love working in clay! Getting my hands dirty is what life is all about.

       I can also often be found puttering around in the garden or planting trees. Cooking, swimming, singing, and dancing are among some of my other interests. I also love to play my flute and write. Learning is my greatest passion and desire.

         The process of art making is meditation for me. All of the stresses of the week melt away into my current exploration, so each piece is personal. A little part of me that I can share.


         Diversity is important to any eco-system, cultural richness, and my practice as an artist. This is why I explore many media. Every material has it’s own unique abilities, attributes, and character.

         Openness to a medium’s influence and unique qualities and heightened emotional awareness direct me in the symphony that is each piece. Each work is a transmutation of my experiences, a kind of storage space for the old that creates the capacity for new explorations.

         I’m content being up to my elbows in mud. The earthy smell of wet clay and the feel of it on my hands remind me of being a kid and playing in the mud. For me, getting dirty is part of what makes life interesting.